Sunday, 31 August 2014

Post- Roaccutane Update ( 1 Month )

I think it's been roughly one (maybe two) months after I finished my Roaccutane course and I must say I am rather happy with the results.

Honestly, I can't even remember when my skin last looked this good. I don't have any active breakouts, almost no white-/ blackheads and the rash I developed last month is pretty much gone, also. 
The only thing I am left with are some scars, but they are pretty easy to cover up so I can't complain. 

I'm slowly re-introducing some acids (AHAs/ BHAs/ Glycolic Acid) back into my skincare routine. At the moment I am using Paula's Choice BHA Exfoliant every other day and even though my skin feels fine, I can tell that my skin is still very sensitive and thin (?), so I'll be holding off on the Liquid Gold for a while.

I've been noticing that the last few bits of the drug are wearing off, so my hair is starting to get oilier quicker and the extreme hair growth has stopped as well. But on a more positive note, my skin is not so incredibly dry and flaky anymore and I am starting to feel confident again not wearing any make up, which is a big deal for me. 

- Julia xxx

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