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Brand Focus - Dr. Hauschka

Over the past one and a half years I have tried my fair share of Dr. Hauschka products, since my mom is a big fan of this brand and introduced me to them. 

Products and how I like to use them:


Melissa Day Cream: for combination skin, after cleansing morning and night*
  • It's not very rich and therefore not enough for my dry skin, it does leaves a matte finish
  • I tried the rose cream before, it's targeted for dry skin and I personally liked it a lot better for my dry skin. It is definitely something for dry skin, instead of dehydrated skin.
Clarifying Steam Bath: for blemish prone skin, before applying a face mask
  • It's quite nice for a pampering day, but I doubt it does much long term
Translucent Bronzing Tint: you can mix it with your moisturiser for a subtle glow, I like to apply it as a liquid bronzer over my foundation
  • Mixed with my moisturizer, I can't even see it on my skin, but over my foundation it looks lovely and I like that it's a liquid, which makes it easy to blend and it's not too dark for my pale skin. It is also not shimmery, so you could use it to contour your face.
Facial Toner: after cleansing in the evening
  • You are supposed to use it at night after you've washed your face and leave it at that
  • I found it to be quite drying and using it without a moisturizer was not an option for me. But it is quite refreshening anf if you have oily skin this might work really well for you [you still shouldn't skip the moisturizer...but that's just my opinion. check out what I wrote about that here]. 
Eye Balm: after moisturiser at night
  • It is a pretty heavy consistency, so I only use it at night, but if you have a really dry under- eye area this would be great for you. Not only to moisturize but also to already prevent fine lines.
Cleansing Cream: morning and night 
  • Smells amazing, but didn't quite work for me, but my mom has normal to dry skin and she loves it. If your skin is normal to irritated but doesn't need much, the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream would be great for you. But I have acne prone skin and it's not enough for me.
Clarifying Day Oil: for oily and blemish prone skin, after cleansing, morning and night*
  • This product is really nice if you have oily skin! It sinks in super fast, doesn't leave a greasy residue and leaves the face looking matte. This is a perfect light moisturizing option for people with oily skin. And no, oil won't make your already oily skin oilier.
Ice Plant Face Cream: for very dry, itchy, flaky skin, after cleansing morning and night* 
  • I really like this one! Though expensive, I works wonders especially if you have super dry and irritated skin like I do.
  • It is really rich but absorbs very quickly. 
Mascara: I think I don't have to explain when or how I apply Mascara ;)
  • comes in three shades: black, brown and blue
  • Unfortunately it didn't do much for my lashes 

I have tried three body lotions and I like all of them. The Quince Body Moisturizer is nice for normal skin. It is super light and liquid-y, almost like water and sinks into the skin very quickly.
The Almond Body Moisturizer is a little heavier, I would say for normal to dry skin. It doesn't absorb into the skin as quickly as the Quince Moisturizer, but after around 5 minutes you are good to go.
The star of the show is without a doubt the Ice Plant Body Care Lotion. It is so so so hydrating and I am already on my third bottle. And everyone in my family loves it, as well. I have very dry and dehydrated skin and red patches all over my arms, especially in the winter. This is the only body lotion I've ever tried that gets rid off it. When my skin is extremely dry, I apply it day and night, but mainly after I get out of the shower at night. And even though it is so moisturizing, it is absorbed by the skin in less than 5 minutes. 

                                                         Daily Face Care Kit

One of the things that I really like about Dr. Hauschka is that they sell small Face Care Kits for either normal to dry skin or oily and blemish prone skin. So you can really test out all the products before you decide on buying them. And the samples come in nice sizes as well, so you have the chance to really properly try them out for a week or two. I tried the one for blemish prone skin, which contains the cleansing cream, clarifying toner, clarifying day oil, steam bath, clay mask, and revitalising mask. My mom got herself the kit for normal to dry skin, because the products are nice sizes for travelling.

Products I really like | Products that are OK

Most products that I have tried were quite nice. But there are some products which are amazing and I will keep repurchasing. Those products are the Ice Plant Body Care Lotion and Face Cream and the Quince Body Lotion. Next I would really like to try more of their makeup. 
Have you tried Dr. Hauschka before and what do you think of their products? Let me know!

*Dr. Hauschka don't believe in applying a moisturiser at night after you cleansed your face, because they believe that your skin has to be able to breath at night, and apparently it can't do that with a moisturiser (?). I mean, do whatever works for you. I have very dry skin and the thought of not moisturising my face after cleansing hurts. I wonder what Caroline Hirons would say to that. 

**Most of the products do contain alcohol and fragrance so be aware of that. I found a few products to be pretty drying, others on the other hand are real gems and I will keep repurchasing them.

Dr. Hauschka doesn't test on animals.

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