Friday, 21 March 2014

Dewy Light Spring Makeup

Now that we are slowly but surely (as it seems today) going into Spring, I tent to go more for a minimalistic and glowy make up look than in the winter. But since I do have acne, I still want everything to be (semi) covered up and I have found that there is one product out there, which covers up all my blemishes but still manages to look really effortless and like I am not wearing much makeup at all. And it is the infamous Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

I like to mix my concealer (shade 15 - which is a little to reddish for me, but oh well I can make it work) with some of the Benefit High Beam Highlighter to make my face look dewy all over. I then apply it with a stippling brush so it doesn't go on too heavy.

I do have to fill in my brows, because they are real wonky and it just draws everything together and I apply some Mascara to make my eyes pop.

 If I am feeling fancy I like to apply some blush. But not any blush. The NYX blush in Mauve is my favourite for everyday wear, because it looks really natural and like my skin has been kissed by the sun. (What?) When you are really pale like me, than you can also use this blush as a bronzer because it is slightly brown and has a red undertone and that's exactly what I look like when I "tan". A little brown (less than a little) and a little red. And because the lipstick goes so well with the blush, I applied some p2 Via Medici, but on any other spring day, I will just be wearing lip balm, because I just can't be bothered. Aquaphor to be specific.

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