Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My current Wish List

These are the products I am currently lusting after, but since I am a poor student I just can't have it all at the moment. Unless I get a job. Which I am trying to, okay?! Don't put me under pressure!

The Nars Matte Multiple in the colour Vientiane - copper bronze. 
I NEED this in my life, but it is so expensive I am even a little afraid to ask for this for my birthday coming up.
But ever since I have seen this video, I really want to try it. 

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. 
Now I love my Sigma Round Kabuki Brush for foundation, in fact it is my favourite foundation brush of all times, but I am sad to say that it is slowly but surely falling apart, which would be my second Sigma Kabuki brush falling apart. What's up with that, Sigma? Shame man! So since I love all the other Real Techniques Brushes, I will switch to this one as soon as my Sigma one has died. 

 The Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Ultra- Sheer Daily Defense SPF 30.
Now I have already talked about it in my 'Whats in my Bag' post, but this stuff is great. I ordered three little sample sizes of this from the Paula's Choice Website and I am really happy with it. For an SPF of 30 it is super sheer and leaves you with a matte finish. Plus it doesn't break me out and it is just perfect after your daily moisturizer and under your make up. Not greasy at all. Big thumbs up from me.

The Stella by Stella McCartney Parfum. 
I got my mom the roller ball parfum for christmas a few years ago and she never really used it, so a few weeks ago I started using it and it is already halfway empty. I think this is such a beautiful scent for spring. It is not too sweet, rather floral and not too heavy, so perfect for daytime and I just like it. Bam. 

The Clinique all about eyes rich eyecream.
Since I am on a strong acne medication (read about it here), my skin is going to get super dry and this will cause or emphasise fine lines on my forhead or under my eyes. So in order to prevent this or help with that, I would like to start using an eyecream. Preferably the Clinique one since I have only heard good things about it. But again, this will probably go on my birthday wishlist, since I am broke at the moment. hahaha

 Have you tried any of these products and if so, what do you think about them?

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