Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lip Tints

I am not one for wearing lip products. The stickiness of a lipgloss and the "heaviness" of a lipstick make me constantly aware of my lips and it is just an extra step I can't be bothered with in the morning. (That doesn't keep me from buying more and more lip products, though. duh! haha) But would like to wear more colour on my lips, because...well, because I can. And also I find that when I have a really bad skin day, a dark lip for example, can draw the attention away from my imperfections and towards my lips. Which, you know, I can appreciate.

So here we have pixi lip blushes in No.1 Youth (left) and No.2 Purity (right), Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint in So Paris! and L'oreal Caresse 402 MiLady.
I have to say, that if you have dry and patchy lips, lip tints won't hide ANYTHING. In fact, they will stick to the dry patches and highlight them. So make sure you exfoliate your lips and apply a lip balm before you use them.
The pixi lip tints are really easy to use, since they have this felt tip applicator with which you can literally just draw on your lips. They do dry out quite quickly though, so you might want to find a cheaper alternative?! Purity is more of a red on the lips and Youth is a really sheer pink. Oh, and the smell is just define! Reminds me personally of peaches.

The Manahattan one looks nude but oh no! It goes on like a nude colour first and after a few seconds it turns into a bright pink colour. What?! I know! I guess it reacts with the warmth of your lips? I dunno. It lasts super long (20+ hr) and is easy to apply. It has a slightly tingly effect when you first put it on, which I am not really fond of, but hey.

The product, which takes most effort is the L'oreal one because it goes on quite patchy and you really have to work with it and build it up until it looks presentable. And that takes time, let me tell you. It is also the only one that comes off when you eat or drink something, the other ones stay on for about 18+ hours. This one doesn't unfortunately. But nevertheless it is a beautiful colour and it works better for me than a lipstick. Especially if you like to wear dark lips, I think lip tints would be something for you, because you really don't have to worry about them once they are applied. They don't smudge and stay on for ages. In theory anyways.

Youth, Purity, So Paris!, MiLady

Do you have a favourite lip tint? Please let me know! :)

- Julia xxx

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