Sunday, 3 May 2015

Product Empties #4

For some reason I seem to got trough products really quickly... so since we have a lot ahead of us, I going to jump right in (insert diving emoji here)

Olive Tree Products Argan Oil Conditioner Sweet Orange
I got this at TK- Maxx a while ago, because, well Argan Oil. And it seems to have pretty natural ingredients so I thought I'd give it ago and I didn't hate it. It just wasn't hydrating enough for my hair, since I do have bleached ends, so I need something a little more nourishing. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic Original
The scents of Batiste dry shampoos are always a little too overwhelming for me. And no matter how much I shake it, it always leaves a white cast on ma hair. I much prefer Colab dry shampoo, but since it is so hard to get your hands on here in Germany, this will have to do.

Lavera Hand creme
I really like Lavera. This must be my 5th or 6th tube of this hand creme. It is really moisturising but doesn't leave a greasy residue.

8x4 key to love tangerine Deodorant
I like this deodorant, because it doesn't contain aluminium. And I quite liked the smell, which is really sweet, but i am kinda sick of it now. And I much prefer the ...

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant
Which does contain aluminium and that might be the reason why it actually works. I don't love aluminium, but I also don't like stinky armpits. But I am still on the lookout for a good aluminium free deodorant, so if you know one let me know :)

Alverde Body Butter in Vintage Rose and Macadamia Nut
Both are for very dry skin, however I prefer the Macadamia nut one, because it is thicker and seems to be more nourishing. The rose one is a bit lighter, and has more of a regular body lotion texture, whereas the Macadamia nut one is more like a traditional body butter.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
I bought this mask back in 2012, so it lasted me for a very long time. I really feel like it does draw out all the impurities of the skin. It is, however, quite drying, so I only used it on the areas of my face that could handle it. I am thinking about repurchasing it as well, but I would also like to try out something new.

Nivea Diamond Volume Shampoo
I didn't like this shampoo, because it made my hair feel heavy and greasy after around 3 uses. It also didn't give my any volume or shine. 

EOS Lip balm
I love EOS lip balms. I find them very nourishing and long lasting on my lips. Plus, the smell delicious. 

Dr. Hauschka Med Ice Plant Body Lotion
I absolutely LOVE this stuff and have raved about this many times. It is the only body lotion that can handle my skin in the cold and dry winter months. Must have.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
Now I have already repurchased them, because they have several acids in them and they are gentle on the skin and affordable. However, I found a new favourite in the Paula's Choice toner.

Paula's Choice CLEAR Exfoliating Toner
This one is a toner, which contains 2% salicylic acid and is specially targeted towards blemish prone, acne prone, skin. It really does what it says, it prevents breakouts, it reduces the look of big pores and it gets rid of blackheads and redness. It doesn't, however, get rid of my hormonal white heads. Nevertheless, I have already repurchased the bigger size.

Avene Cleanance Mask 
This mask contains glycolic acids, which for me, doesn't help getting rid of breakouts, but it does brighten my skin. It is quite harsh on the skin though, so I won't repurchase it.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo
This is a colour correcting purple shampoo for blond hair. It does work, however I found a cheaper alternative in the drugstore, the Swiss Purple Shampoo, which I prefer.

Lavera Lime Sensation Shower Gel
I love this brand. The are cruelty free and organic and my skin loves their products. This one is no exception and the smell is divine.

Balea Beauty Affect Hyaluron Booster
Supposedly this is a dupe to the Indeed Labs Hydraluron, but only better, because it contains two types of hyaluronic acids. I don't know anything about that, however I like to use this in the evening under my moisturiser and i find that it does make a difference, but only if I continuously use it. If I apply it in the morning under my make up, I find that it roles of my skin with the make up.

OLAZ Essentials Complete Daily Moisturiser SPF 15
This is for dry skin and contains an SPF of 15. It was alright, but not great. I think if you are one a budget (which I should be, but I like to ignore that :/) and you are looking for a decent moisturiser with SPF, you could give this a try. 

Make Up Factory Eyeshadow #8
I bought this ages ago as dupe for Mac's Wedge and I much preferred it. It is a cool toned, light brown eyeshadow that is silky soft and blends like a dream. I also sometimes liked to use it as a contour powder, but it was too pigmented for my pale skin.

Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel
Ever since using this product I fell in love with tinted eyebrow gels. I did find over time, however, that the brush was a bit too big and I since switched to the P2 eyebrow gel, which has a more similar shaped brush to the Benefit Gimme Brow.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
An alright mascara, but it didn't give me enough volume and length. It is better for a natural lash look, which I don't want.

KIKO Super colour Mascara
This is a purple mascara and I was really excited to try this one out. And I was incredibly disappointed. The texture is really dry and grumble-y and doesn't coat the lashes at all, instead it fell straight on my cheek.

 - Julia xxx

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