Saturday, 19 April 2014

Updated Evening Skin Care Routine

I know I haven't been posting as regularly these days and that is because Uni has taken over my life, once again. So please bear with me here, I'm trying my best to balance everything and eventually everything will settle down. 

Now I have been on Roaccutane for over one and a half months now and with the change of my skin comes the change in my skin care. My skin is (still) nowhere near perfect and I still break out quite frequently and don't even get me started on the acne scars. It is certainly not the hardest part but it kinda sucks not being able to do anything, since I can't use anything harsh on my skin during the 6 month Roaccutane course. 

Being back at Uni, I have noticed that within the first week my skin went crazy and started breaking out again. Maybe it came with the stress/ nervousness (even though I am not that stressed yet). My other guesses where that I am either allergic to the washing powder or the water just isn't as clean, since I live in a bigger city and my skin is just being a diva over it. 
Be that as it may, I had to change my whole entire skin care routine adjusting to the circumstances. 

I have found a few products (mainly in my mom's little cupboard over the sink), which I would've never tried without my mom introducing me to them or at least encouraging me to use her things, which is weird since she is not into skin care at all and just buys whatever falls into her hands and I am the total opposite. 

Now in all the years I have been struggling with acne, I have never, not once, found a product that REALLY worked for my skin and where I could actually see a difference over the course of one week/month. Duh. That's why I started taking heavy (legal!) drugs. But I am so happy to say that these products I am using at the moment make all the difference. Of course I am still on Roaccutane and one could say that it's only due to that, but when I stop using these products, even for one night (!), my skin gets worse again. So without further ado: the products.

Starting of with cleansing. I like to double cleanse in the evening and believe me when I say: This makes all the difference! Before trying it out myself, I wouldn't have believed it either, though. I know everyone always says that you shouldn't go to bed with your make up still on, so I used to use whatever cleanser I had laying around and quickly took of most of my make up. Out of sheer laziness. What a mistake I can tell you now. You have to take off your make up first (properly) and then also clean your skin underneath

So first I use the Dermalogica Precleanse and rub it into my dry skin and over my eyes. Then I apply some luke warm water to my face, so it turns into a milky liquid, and I rub some more, gently. Using a washcloth, which I run under hot water, I take everything off. Then I use coconut oil and massage it into my skin. I really massage my face, and let me tell you, it does not feel great. I learned it from Caroline Hirons (my Queen) and again, this makes all the difference! Make sure to take your time here, it will be worth it. Using the same washcloth rinsed under hot water, I take everything off. 

Make sure you change your washcloth on a regular basis. I don't use mine more than two to three days in a row. And you don't really need the Dermalogica Precleanse, I just need to use it up, but I find substituting it for coconut oil as a precleanser works just as well.

After that I use another cleanser, yes you have heard me right, but this time not a balm cleanser but a 'regular' (?) one. Now my mom bought this and when I saw that it said 'foaming' on the bottle I had to give her a little bit of a lecture. BUT I have tried it myself and it only foams because of the dispenser. Once you work it into your skin, it doesn't foam, hallelujah! 

Another product which my skin loves is the Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner. Now I believe I have talked about this before, but somehow it just can't be the same. I formerly said that this product does nothing for my skin and was a little bit of a waste of money. Again: BUT, my mom bought herself a new one after she ran out and I used it for a few days (because why not, when it is sitting there anyway :D) and I noticed that my skin has gotten significantly better. I didn't put it down to this product, though, more so to the drugs. Then after moving back into my dorm room and not being able to use my mom's stuff, my skin got worse again, like I said. So I decided to splurge and see if my skin would get better again when using this product, and it has. I don't know why, though. Have they changed the formulation or something? Whatever it is, I love it.

The last few steps involve moisturizer. A lot of moisturiser. The Dr. Hauschka toner is a little drying but over all my skin is just super dry at the moment anyway. The best moisturizer is by far the Lush Celestial Moisturizer. It is super moisturizing and gentle and it also just contains good stuff. 

Fun Fact 
A dear friend of mine has suffered from neurodermatitis (or atopic eczema) every since she was a baby and she found out about Lush around 4 years ago. Ever since using this exact moisturizer, her neurodermatitis has improved SO much and never came back. She even uses it on her body. For years her parents and doctors have tried all kinds of creames and methods and nothing worked, until she stumbled across this Lush moisturizer. 
Rambling over.

And for my eyes, because I already have fine lines around my eyes (I AM 20 FOR GOD'S SAKE, sorry), I use the Hübner Augenbalsam with hyaluronic acid.

Ok, so this was a rather long blogpost, I am sorry. But I did have a lot to tell you about. If you found this interesting then stay tuned for a morning skin care routine sometime this week. 
Talk to you soon!

- Julia xxx

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  1. Great post!! You have such a good skincare routine. I love using Coconut oil on my dry patches on my face, but I've never tried massaging into the skin :D xx

    Gemma //



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