Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

I finally caved in and bought myself the Nars Sheer Glow foundation a couple of weeks ago. It is a little bit more difficult to get your hands on here in Germany, so my only option was ordering it online, which is always a bit tricky with foundations, since you can't try them out on your face. After a little bit of research I decided on the shade Light 3 Gobi, which has a yellow undertone, and, surprisingly, matches me perfectly.

 I like to apply this foundation with a beauty sponge since this sheers it out a little and also makes it go an easier. I would say that this foundation has a medium coverage, but can definitely be sheered out or build up. When applied with a brush, I noticed that it can get quite streaky and it emphasises all the little hairs on my face. When I have really dry skin, and dry patches on my face, it also likes to cling to them.

 As you can see, it really does a good job at evening out my skin tone and I can also use it as a concealer under my eyes. One thing that I have noticed is that it doesn't work well with primers, on my skin, anyway. It just slides around the face and never seems to settle. When set with a powder, it does last the whole day, though.

looks like skin 
colour range (+undertones)
buildable coverage

sticks to dry patches and facial hair 
takes some time to work in
price (43€) 

All in all this is a decent foundation, but I do think that there are better ones out there on the market, especially in that price category. I enjoy wearing it and will definitely use it up, but I probably won't repurchase it.  

For any of you interested, this is where I purchased my foundation.

- Julia xxx

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