Wednesday, 26 March 2014

4 Beauty Tips You Might Not Know About

I have heard a lot of make up tips in my time. In fact, I would actually go as far as to say that I know almost every make up tip that is out there. I do still get excited when I read "10 Make Up Tips That Will Change Your Life" on a magazine cover, though. But at the end I know that they will be just the same old make up tips that I have heard over and over again ever since I started watching Youtube videos five years ago. Sorry magazines, but facts like "Powder your make-up to make your foundation last." just aren't that revolutionary anymore. 
So I have collected a few make up tips that aren't that common and surprised me when I first heard them.

1.) Apply blush not only on your cheeks but also a bit on your temples and the bridge of your nose. That makes it look more natural and less "drawn on" and also draws everything together.

2.) Use the handle of your make up brush to "roll" over your concealer under your eyes after you applied it. This takes off all the excess concealer and prevents it from greasing.

3.) Apply Highlighter above the arch of your eyebrow instead of underneath. This will lift your eye and especially if you have little eyelid space this will be the better option for you. 

4.) Use coconut oil as deodorant. Yes this is correct. You can use coconut oil in many ways and on your armpits is one of them haha. I tried it out myself and it really works! It also doesn't contain aluminium and all that other nasty stuff. So just give it a try.

Have you heard of any of these tips before? And do you have any tips that you think nobody knows about? Then please share them!

- Julia xxx

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