Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stranded On An Island

I just read a blogpost here, on what beauty products to bring to a deserted island and I wanted to share my own rendition with you.

Two things here go hand in hand and this would be sunscreen (Paula's Choice - Skin Balancing Ultra Sheer SPF 30) and a pair of sunglasses. Obviously, on a deserted island you want to stay protected from the sun. I would probably also bring sunscreen for my body (waterproof, SPF 50) and maybe a little sun hat. You can never be protected enough from the sun.

The next thing I would bring is a moisturiser for dry skin (Lavera - Moisturising Cream), because the salt water and the sun will dry out your skin, and the same goes for your hair, so a nice hair oil (Loreal - Oil Magique) would be essential, as well.

A concealer palette (Catrice - Allround Concealer) would be a nice luxury to have, but is definitely not an absolute must, in my opinion. Tea Tree Oil on the other hand is something I wouldn't want to miss, because you could get so much use out of this one product. Whether you have blemished skin, a dry scalp, an insect bite or a sore throat, this product is a miracle worker.

And last but not least, I would bring a nice little book to keep me company and also to keep me entertained. 

What do you think about my choices and what would you bring to a deserted island? 

- Julia xxx

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